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Giant Schnauzer Temperament What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em

I don’t want a show dog; I just want a pet.

Giant Information
Is a Giant the right dog for you


Myths About Raw Feeding

Canine Health Foundation
Spay/Neuter Joint Disease
3 Puppy Vaccination Mistakes: Too Early, Too Often, Too Much

Natural Rearing
Raw Dog Ranch
Raw Meaty Bones
Myths About Raw Feeding
The Holistic Being
Natural Rearing
Truth About Vaccines
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Jeffery Levy DVM PCH
Fleas and Ticks
Leptospirosis Vaccine Protection

Giant Rescue
HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Dealing with the Aggressive Dog by Ed Frawley


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